The best independent Dutch car-site!! Great articles and a very lively forum.
The SZ/RZ register in the UK! Very nice website with lots of information and tips. Also a nice buying guide/check list.
Italiaspeed. Nice website with a lot of information about Italian cars and also about SZ and RZ. The link points to a story about the Castagna Vittoria. This is a prototype that is based on the Alfa SZ.
US models. Here you can buy a handmade SZ modelcar in 1/87. Not perfect, but nice for the SZ-collector.
A Japanese SZ-website with some nice pictures.
SZ-models (art is a better name for these I think) made by Steve Chambers.
He is a real SZ-fan and if you want bigger wheels on your SZ, you can contact him too.
Another SZ-website. You should understand some Japanese or just click on the links. :-) This SZ-owner crashed his car badly, but has restored/repaired it again. Pictures of the damage and restoration are on this site. You don't want your SZ to look like that, so be carefull when driving it!
If you have some spare-time, you can download this SZ kit and build it up! :-)   SZ-kit
Website with some nice detailed images from the stuff you should get with your SZ, like the wheelbag, toolset etc
Nice story about dreaming of and finally buying an SZ
Nice website from some Dutch guys who know how to work on Alfa Romeos!
Alfa SZ/RZ register website from Ed v/d Beek