Finally an all red Matchbox Alfa SZ! I still need some rare ones, but I am not paying big money for such simpel toys. If I find a Fenint SZ for a nice price I will buy it.  
From the biggest Alfa SZ-fan from Australia I received this Australian numberplate with "SZ" on it and the number of my car (042).
I received it from him during his stay in the Netherlands last year. Thanks Mark!!!
Very rare Frankfurt 1989 Alfa Romeo press-package! And with the Alfa SZ of course! Some nice information and a press picture.
Here is all the text from the brochure : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8)
Last year during the Zandvoort-meeting from the Dutch Alfa Romeo club (SCARB) I bought this great Ralf Meiser (RAMEI) 1/24 scale Alfa SZ racecar. I will have to buy a chassis for it and it has to be built, but that can wait. Very nice decals and well made!
(picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)
Finally!! My first big SZ (I am not counting the 1:1 scaled version ;-) modelcar! This kit is probably a copy from a Scalecraft kit. According to Gijsbert (the builder) the quality was far from perfect. The windows were bad, the rear wing was missing and the resin it was made of, did strange things with the paint. So it took a lot of extra work to get this kit to its current (built) condition. The windows, rear wing+mounts etc were all made by hand and look very good! The car is fixed in a nice 1:24 box and I realy love it! One of the nicest pieces in my collection. Very rare, very expensive, but very very cool!
Extra pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8, picture9, picture10, picture11)

Last year I bought the last two remaining kits from Jens Muller (JMK 1:87). One is still in my collection in kit-form, but the other is built now! Since I have had good experiences with Gijsbert Achterberg from Monzamodels, I sent this small kit together with my 1:24 kit to him. It took a couple of months, but I picked them up last week! Both are very nice and come with their own nice display case. Because it is in 1:87 scale it is very, very small. About 4 centimetres in length. For such a small car it is nicely detailed. I really like it!
(picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)

I had these two small SZ racers for some time, but they weren't finished yet. They aremade from resin and in scale 1:64 so probably based on the Kyosho 1:64 SZ's. Now they are finally finished and could be used on a small 1:64 race track. Here are some extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  
A Zagato Autech Stelvio brochure. Perfect condition. I bought it from someone in The Netherlands who once owned a Junior Zagato and visited the Zagato factory once. Sadly for him, it was closed for visitors, but when they found out he came from The Netherlands, they sent someone to the gate to give him some brochures. After a couple of minutes Elio Zagato himself (!!) walked to the gate and gave him some brochures! This is one of them. I also received two nice pictures of the Junior Zagato periscopio (mid-engined JZ) and a business card from Zagato. (picture 2, picture 3 )  
This Spark Alfa SZ Trophy racer is not new anymore, but I was waiting for it to arrive in the shops overhere or on our Dutch 'Ebay' : But it never showed up there, so I finally bought one in Great Britain. Just like the #65 Shell Trophy SZ, this one is very nice. These sell for about 40 Euro's and that is not much for such a pretty modelcar.
A couple of extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )

Just like last year with the Alfa SZ, Kyosho released another Alfa Romeo collection series in the 1:64 scale. This time with other Alfa Romeo's of course, so no SZ anymore. This year they have put the Alfa RZ in it! I like those too, so I bought all 3 colours from a Japanese seller. These are highly detailed and very pretty modelcars. The prices are still nice at the moment (about 5-10 euro's each), so if you like these, you should buy them now!! These were only sold in Japan. You could buy a box of cars (I do not know how many cars in a box), but you do not know which cars are inside the boxes, so you will have to trade them with others to complete your collection. But I just need the SZ's and RZ's! :-) These are complete with a base plate and inner and outer boxes. here are some more pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8)



Today was another good day for the SZ collector in me. I finally got to see a Daum crystal Alfa SZ in real life!! And the best thing is that it now sits proudly on my desk, because it is mine now!
In march 1989 Alfa Romeo ordered 300 of these crystal Alfa ES30's to give to good customers etc. Daum is a renowned crystal artwork company. They exist since 1878. They have made more cars in crystal, but only a few limited editions like the SZ. (Daum-website)
This is Daum SZ number 128 and it is in perfect condition!! It comes complete with the white outer box, Alfa Romeo gift-strap, perfect red inner box, certificate from Daum and even the business card from 'Rinaldo Hercolani' from the foreign press department who gave it away. Any Daum SZ would do for me, but this one is absolutely a collectors dream.
More pictures! (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8, picture9, picture10, picture11, picture12, picture13, picture14, picture15, picture16, picture17) Thank you Tony for letting me buy it from you. It is in good hands!!!



Finally!!! My first 'BIG' Alfa SZ kit!! I received it this week. I have been looking for one for a really long time, so I am very happy with it! It is a difficult kit to build, so I will have to pay an expert to build it for me, because I want it to be perfect! The scale is 1:24 and it looks very good. It comes complete with nice wheels and tyres and photo-etched windscreen wipers. It will take some time, before I can see the finished product, but it will be very nice! Thank you very much Sepp!!! On the picture you see it next to a Matchbox SZ (with custom rims from Australia, thanks Mark!) and my built Alezan kit (1:43).
Here are some more pictures of this Alfa SZ kit : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)



I received a nice package from Alpimodel with the brandnew Alfa Romeo SZ Trophy racer #65!!! A couple of years ago I had regular conversations with Spark about the normal Alfa SZ they were planning to build. They had some questions about some details of the SZ. I answered their questions and also asked them if they were going to make some of the Trophy-racers too! They had never heard about them and were very interested. I collected all the Trophy-pictures I could find (from Zagato-books, magazines, Alfa Romeo friends etc etc) and I sent them all over to Spark.
It took some time, but finally the car is here!! After this one, Spark is also making the #59 (also #1) car. That car was the Trophy-winner and comes in red with white roof. I am looking forward to that one. I hope they will also build the Martin Dawes RZ, because the only model available of that car is the Yow Modelli version and that modelcar is unobtainable and expensive....

Together with the SZ I ordered the new Spark RZ. I already have the black and yellow RZ, but had to have this one too.
Some extra pictures of these great modelcars : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)


Many thanks to Mark Summers (from Australia) for selling me on of his green Matchbox SZ's!! This one was on my wishlist for very long so I am very happy with this one!!! They are very rare and this one is almost perfect. Thanks mate!
And some more pictures of course! (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)
Now I only need the golden Matchbox SZ and a 'Fenint'-version.
On a parts-day from the Dutch Alfa Romeo club (Scarb) I bought this professionally built Alezan SZ! It is very nice, but it has some small mistakes. The interior is all black and the rear-spoiler is fitted on the boot instead of on the rear window frame. But the paint is good and it is a very nice modelcar and it comes in its original box! Some more pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)  
From Sjoerd I received this great and rare original Belgian Alfa SZ pricelist! I am very happy with this item although there are 2 small holes in it. Thanks Sjoerd!! I also received an original Alfa SZ poster from him. It has never been folded and is in very nice condition!
Here are 2 extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 )

And another great one!! I have been looking for this one for a long time! They sometimes come up for sale on Ebay, but I have only seen one in the last couple of years. I sadly missed that one, because a football fan snatched it away from me. :-) But I got an email from someone in Australia who said he had another one and was willing to sell it. So I finally have my Footy Cars West Coast Eagles Matchbox Alfa SZ!! It is in perfect condition and comes in its original box, with protective plastic to protect the car from rattling. Here are some more pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)

On the Dutch Alfa Romeo club (SCARB) forum I found a thread about modelcars and there was a recent story about a JMK Alfa SZ in scale 1/87! I missed that modelcar and really wanted one of course. Through Ed v/d Beek I got the email-address from the builder Jens Müller and he had 2 kits left, so I bought those from him! I will build one (or let someone build it for me) and I will keep one kit unbuilt for my collection! Nice addition to my collection!! Here are 2 extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 )  
Spark is spoiling us with great modelcars! This time they made the Alfa RZ in two different colours; black and yellow. I think the red one will come also. The cars are very nice and almost to handmade standards. The only drawback is the window, because it is a little too high. The RZ windowframe is lower in real life. Great interiors, with buckles etc. Great modelcars for the money!! (about 35 /40 euros each). (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)  
I finally found a black MakeUp LSJ Alfa SZ! I already had the red and yellow ones, so my set is complete now! I am very happy with this one, because these are very pretty and highly detailed modelcars! Hard to find and not cheap, but if you find one, you should buy it, I think! Here are some more pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)  
Someone on Ebay is selling sets of very rare Alfa SZ goods. I bought this tool-set and a Certificato di Collaudo from this person. The price was nice I think and the items are perfect (never used). The certificato is empty but has the autographs. I checked everything with my other certificates and they look real. I wonder if these items are from left-over stock from Alfa Romeo or something. If someone knows this, please let me know. (picture 2, picture 3 )
**update : I heard the seller has sold SZ's when they were new and was cleaning up his old stock by selling these things on Ebay.**
On Ebay I bought this British Alfa Romeo Press-package (Motorfair 1989). It features the Alfa SZ and the 164 Lusso. Very rare item and the information on the SZ is very nice. Also see these pictures! (picture 2, picture 3 )  
I already have the well-known SZ press-package in German, but I also bought one in English now. This package has some really nice pictures and cut-out drawings etc.

The other item is a French Alfa SZ-brochure. I got this from an Alfa-friend for free! Thanks Carlo! This is a rare language for this brochure. I only need the Spanish one now, but I have never seen that one yet. (picture 2)

From a fellow collector I bought this very rare Zagato electric minivan brochure! It is a 'big' Zagato Zele and was made for passenger and goods transport. The brochure is in Italian and English and has four pages.
(picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )
In Brescia, I bought this "Zagato elaborazione"-badge from someone who was selling rare car-badges. I really love those Italian badges with their cool scripts!  
Some time ago I bought this Provence Moulage Alfa RZ. The modelcar is built, but not very good and with very low detail. But it was cheap and it is an RZ! Some extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 )  
A Zagato Tonali brochure I bought together with the Z33 Free time brochure. This is a coöperation between Zagato and the Tonali company. It is an Italian brochure about an Alfa Romeo Alfetta with bullet proof windows, runflat tyres, a speaker system and a kevlar protected rear seat etc. Very cool if you have one of those Alfetta's now!
(picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )
Zagato Z33 Free time brochure. This is an older Zagato brochure in Italian and English. It features the Z33 Free time. It is some sort of SUV, based on the Alfa 33 Quadrofoglio Oro. It has space for 6 people and features foldaway seats for extra luggage room etc. Nice item!! (picture 2)  
On Ebay I won this rare Zagato brochure about the Zagato Zuma. It is a proposal from Zagato to VW/Audi to build a cool looking coupé on the chassis of a standard car (Golf /A3). The brochure has the specs of a 110bhp TDI with a lightweight body.
The idea is from 1997 and this brochure was printed in early 1998. VAG didn't do it though, but came with the Audi TT instead. That TT looks a little like the Zuma though (same shape and round lines) and I can't imagine that it is a coincidence! Here are some extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 )
From a 'car-friend' who visited the Geneva car show, I received this great Zagato Atelier CD-rom. It is the Zagato Diatto Otto Vu project press package and has information on the Diatto history (more than 170 years!) and information and pictures of the Diatto Otto Vu of course! Very nice item! Thanks Angelo! (picture 2)  
Through a fellow collector I received an address of a shop in Japan, who can still deliver the MakeUp LSJ Alfa RZ's! Because I didn't have one of these yet, I ordered one for myself and another for a friend of mine. This week they arrived and they are stunning! Very high detail and because the roof is missing you can see the interior better than in the SZ. Here are some more pictures : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7)  
The first set of the new 1/100 scale Alfa SZ's from Kyosho are in! They are very small, but very nice. Real rubber tyres and good detail! I am very happy! Look at these pictures!
picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6
Finally I found an Alezan Alfa SZ kit (scale 1:43 of course)! These are rare and very nice. The seller didn't pack it very carefully, so the box is damaged. But luckily the kit is in perfect condition! I think it will look very nice when it is built. Here are some more pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)
Because the headlights of an SZ are no longer available, you should have an extra set in your house or you should protect the ones that are on your car! I don't have a spare set so I protected them with two strips of adhesive tape on each headlight. But that doesn't look pretty. Through the UK SZ/RZ-register (see links-section) I got in contact with a company called "Armourfend" and they make protection-kits for the SZ/RZ. It is made from tough pre-cut 3M film. Last week I received my kit (including fitting instructions and fitting solution) (picture 2)  
Another Spark SZ! This is the black one (Andrea Zagato's personal car). Last year I sent Spark a picture of the real car and they decided to build this modelcar! This one has white lights, just like the real car. Here are some more pictures (picture 2, picture 3 )  
One of the rarer Zagato-books is this Italian one from the "Automobile club d'Italia" by Gianfranco Fagiuoli and Guido Gerosa (1969). Again only Italian text but fantastic pictures (many in colour) and information! This is a must-have for any Zagato-fan. It also has some very nice fold-out drawings (by F.L. Rapi). Expect to pay between 80 and 150 euros for a nice one though. Some of the great pictures from this book : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)
I really love that Fiat 125 GT Zagato! What a great design!
Nice Zagato-book I bought on Ebay : "Elio Zagato, storie di corse e non solo" Italian text only, but great pictures!! Very nice book and still cheap now (about 15-20 euros). It also features some rare SZ/RZ trophy-pictures : (picture 2)  
Finally a good excuse to buy Playboy magazine! :-) This Dutch edition from 10/1990 features a 3 page article about the Alfa SZ! Extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 )  
A new and interesting piece of art for my collection! It is a handmade (by german artist Andreas Hentrich) Alfa SZ 'picture'. It is made from tin. it is one of only 300 pieces that were made in 1989 and this is number 94.
The certificate says : "This handmade artwork is an original "ANDREAS-MINI-PEWTER" Graphic. As a Pewter-etching, containing 98% pewter, every graphic was numbered and handsigned in a limited edition of 300 pictures only. Date 20-06-1989". I am very happy with it! Here are two more pictures of it (picture 2, picture 3 )
A couple of weeks ago I was searching Google for information about the SZ-based Castagna Vittoria. I couldn't find anything new, but I did find a newsletter from a Dutch modelcar-shop that listed a soon-to-come modelcar of the Castagna Vittoria! So I contacted them and ordered one of the two last ones they had. Today I picked it up and I am very, very happy with this superb modelcar! I have number 19 of the only 48 that were made by Ban Seng (Malaysia)! So very rare and very hard to find. I also thought the Vittoria was an ugly car, but because it is SZ-based I think it is interesting. But now I have this modelcar, I think this is a very nice car (even pretty from some angles) and I really would like to see the real car once! Here are extra pictures (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)  
The Spark Alfa SZ (1:43)! Great modelcar for the money. The shape is superb and the detailing is good, although is has some small things that make it less nice than for example the Make-up LSJ SZ. But the Spark is only a third of the price, so very good work from Spark!! Next up is a black SZ and I heard today they will bring out a yellow one also. Now lets hope they will also make some SZ-trophy cars for us!! Here are some more pictures (picture 2, picture 3 )  
At the "Spettacolo Sportivo" at the Zandvoort racing track I found this nice looking Alfa Romeo artwork. Because it has an SZ on it I had to have it. :-) The item is a little bigger than a postcard, but it looks very nice in its frame.  
Alfa Romeo book by Fabien Sabates (in German). I bought it from a fellow Alfa-fan and collector. The book is very nice and has a good item about the SZ of course but also some nice other Alfa Romeo's like the Sportiva and Carabo. The preface is by Enzo Ferrari! Extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  

On Ebay I found this great Alfa SZ Stradale kit (scale 1:43)! It is made by PM Models (Italy). It is made from metal and features some very nice details like good looking lights and photo-etched wheeltrim and windscreenwipers. The bottom of the car says "Alfa Romeo SZ Prototipo MG Firenze". I think the modelcar is based on one of the first prototypes, because the front bumper looks a little diferent from the production model. I am keeping this as a kit, because it is very rare. If I can find another one I will have it built. In built condition this one will look prettier than the SMTS/Voiturette I think!
Some extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 , picture5)

From another carfriend I got this very original and nice Zagato 'Motion and Emotion' cd!! It contains a booklet with some nice Zagato-designed cars and on the CD are 9 tracks with almost an hour of relaxed music by Sergio di Natale and others! I probably should be playing this cd in my SZ all the time, but it isn't really my music and I also don't have a cd-player in my car because I have a V6 soundystem. :-) But is a very rare and great addition to my collection!!
Here are some extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )
Also from André I received this very nice Zagato brochure! I haven't seen this one before and it shows a drawing of the SZ on the inside and it contains brochures of the Zagato centro stile with the Zuma project, the Martin Dawes Zagato telephone and the Zagato Milan metro. Very cool item! Extra pictures : (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  
Another great and rare SZ-item is this Auto Capital videotape! I have seen these on Ebay a couple of times, but they were sometimes incomplete (no box) or simply too expensive for a couple of minutes of videotape. I got lucky though, because I could buy this one from an SZ-fan in the Netherlands and he sold it to me for a very reasonable price, because he knew I would be very happy with it! Thanks André!! Here are some more pictures (picture 2, picture 3 )  
Finally I found one!! An original Zagato factory pin! These pins are rare and not cheap for such a small thing. :-) But I like it and really wanted it.  
From a former Dutch Alfa Romeo dealer I bought a one-off Alfa SZ-print! It has 4 different prints in one big frame so you can see how these prints are made. It is a one off so very rare and I really like it! Here is a close-up (picture 2)  
I had some spare time and also a spare Alfa SZ clock, so I did some work and made a cool looking clock for my desk. It features a real working SZ-clock (light can be switched on and off), with an original Zagato-logo. I fixed it on some woodboard and I put carbonfiber-tape on it, so it resembles a real SZ-dashboard a little. Here are some extra pictures (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  
I recently received an information brochure and there was an interesting advert from the Dutch Post company. You can now order official stamps on their website with one of your own pictures! So I immediately bought a set of Alfa SZ stamps with my SZ on it. :-) The cool thing is that you can really use them to send letters or postcards.  
I ordered a handmade Alfa Romeo SZ from US-models and it came in today. It is very small, about 3-4cm's (scale is 1:87), but it is nicely made and it is an SZ, so I had to have it. :-) See the links-section on my site if you want to order one.  
A Dutch Alfa Romeo enthusiast (Jeroen Westerhuis) made this fantastic drawing of my car for me! A great addition to my collection of course!!! Thanks Jeroen!  
I have three SMTS/Voiturette SZ's already, but I didn't have an unbuilt kit yet. :-) So when that one came along I had to have it, so I bought it from a seller in Australia. Very funny that this kit went from England where it was made to Australia and now back to the other side of the world again. The original price is still on the box (59.95$) but I paid a little bit more. Here are some extra pictures, the kit is complete and in perfect condition! (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  
A copy of the temporary edition of the Alfa Romeo maintenance guide. In german "vorlaeufige ausgabe". It covers the most important technical things for the SZ. The original was probably made because the big edition wasn't ready yet.  
Great and rare Spanish Alfa Romeo brochure that includes the 75, 164 and of course the SZ!! Very good condition and about 12 pages. Here is another picture : (picture 2)  
I bought a few 'new' items for my collection! A very rare and very nice Alfa SZ pin! It was (probably) made for "garage Carnot" because that text is under the SZ. If anybody knows more about this pin I and why it was made, I would like to know.
I also bought a nice Zagato-keychain (picture 2) and a big foldout Alfa SZ poster. Nice condition. Here's a picture of it : picture 3

This week I traded some Minichamps modelcars I had for a mint in box SMTS/Voiturette Alfa SZ. I already had two of these modelcars, but there are some differences! My latest one in the cardboard SMTS box has windscreen wipers which the other cars don't have and the one in the SMTS box has slick-tyres! The other two have profiles street tyres.

Another difference is in the boxes. The Voiturette-box is much more luxurious than the SMTS-box. It is bigger and it features a nice Alfa Romeo plinth on which you can display the modelcar.
p.s. They all had separate mirrors, but most people fix them to the cars, so only the SMTS-car still has separate mirrors.

Here are some pictures!!
(picture 3 , picture 4 , picture 5 , picture 6 ,picture 7 , picture 8 ,picture 9 , picture 10 ,picture 11 )


Another item that I wanted and bought recently (Ebay again :-) is this original Momo Zagato steering wheel! This steering wheel was specially made for the Alfa Romeo SZ by MOMO. But they made some extra so people could fit them to their Alfa 75's etc. The leather is worn and I need another center piece and horn-push, but the price was right. (picture 2)  
A very nice new item is this resin Alfa SZ. I have two of these (one in black and one in red). I believe they are made from a cast of a Matchbox SZ toy car. So they are small (about 1:64). The nice thing is that I have two slotracingcar-chassis that will fit the bodies. So I can make my own Alfa SZ slotcars now!! I only need some time to prepare and paint the cars, so I can fit the bodies to the chassis. They came complete with windows. Look at the pictures! (picture 2)  
I have bought a strange Zagato-item on Ebay. It is a 1:43 resin-'thing' of the Aston Martin Vantage Zagato. Probably it was used to make a modelcar out of this? If anyone has any information, please let me know! (picture 2)  

A couple of months ago I had sent an Alfa Romeo SZ 'Provence Moulage' kit (scale 1/43) to a famous kit builder (Gijsbert Achterberg from Monzamodels). This week it was finally finished and I picked it up a.s.a.p. !! I am very happy with the result. I actually looks better than I had expected, so I am happy that I didn't do this one myself. It comes in a very nice BBR box and Gijsbert made some enhancements to the kit, like the carbonfiber rear wing, better steering wheel and my own license plates (59-DJ-DJ)!. He also made the box (with the lid) that is in the back of the car behind the seats, because the PM-kit doesn't have it!
So very nice quality! It is now (kit + building) more expensive than the red MakeUp LSJ, but it is just as cool!
(picture 3 , picture 4 )

From the same seller as the Zagato-brochure below, I bought this Zagato Oltre magazine. I really wanted this one, because of the Alfa SZ/RZ Trophy pictures in it! These pictures are hard to find but very nice! It is a magazine with about 30-40 pages. It also features the Ferrari FZ93 Zagato! ( SZ Trophy picture that is in this magazine)  
I won this rare Zagato Alfa Romeo ES 30 brochure on Ebay. Very nice and one of the earliest ES30/SZ-brochures. It contains some nice drawings and also some images and drawings of some great classic Zagato-cars. It features about 20 pages. These brochures are rare but not extremely expensive yet. Here are some extra pictures (picture 2, picture 3 , picture 4 )  

Very nice SZ-book arrived today! I won it on Ebay and the French seller got it in the mail very quick! This is a very nice book about the history of Zagato with some very nice pictures and stories. There is some overlap in the other Zagato books I already have (the red and blue book, see somewhere down this page), but for the money it is very good value!
(picture 2, picture 3 ) Now I just have to get this book signed by Andrea Zagato!!! I hope he will attend some shows this year in Europe.

One of the rarest SZ-things I have now, must be this handmade aluminium SZ!! Handmade by artist Steve Chambers for me! Thanks Steve!!! (picture 2)  
I just received these great looking (good quality) SZ-modelcars in 1/64th scale. They are made by Kyosho for a convenient-store in Japan and were only sold there (sold out in about one week!). You could buy a box with 20 Alfa Romeo modelcars for around 60€. But you didn't know which modelcars were inside! Some people bought 5 boxes and only had one SZ-modelcar.
I bought these 3 from a very nice Japanese seller who also sold some on Ebay. A yellow one was sold on Ebay for 90$ recently (feb 2006). The red one is the rarest and is most wanted by all collectors, so that one is difficult to find even though they have just been released. These modelcars are a must have for SZ-collectors! (picture 2, picture 3 )
YES! I waited a long time for this one! I just missed these when they came out some years ago (I didn't have a 1:1 SZ yet) and bought a yellow one last year. But when I saw the quality of that one I knew I had to have a red one! After all most SZ's are red and were never sold in yellow! It is a MakeUP LSJ SZ (ES30). Very good quality SZ in 1/43. I am really happy with this one! (picture 2, picture 3 )  

The Alfa Romeo SZ by Roberto Piatti (Giorgio Nada Editore). Great book with the complete history about the Alfa SZ. The book gives good information about why and how the car was made and it is full of great pictures! I have it in all three languages (English, Italian and French). These books are sometimes available on Ebay, but are becoming rare (especially in English).


This is an original and rare Zagato brochure/leaflet that was given to the press during the Geneva car show in 1991. It contains one page of information and one big picture with the new SZ and the old Giulietta SZ. Great item!
Here are two more pictures of this item. (picture 2, picture 3)


Very nice Alfa SZ press release. This is a rare Dutch edition, that was given to the press during the introduction of the SZ in the Netherlands. It features a bright red cover, with an original SZ-brochure, a big picture and 2 pages of (Dutch) information. Here are two more pictures of this item. (picture 2, picture 3)


Two very nice Alfa SZ-pins. The "I like hydrostar"-pin is really rare and this is the only one I have ever seen. The other one can sometimes be found on Ebay, but last year I did not see more than two for sale.
Here is a picture of the other one. This one is very small, but very nice quality (picture2) .

A very nice Zagato pin-set, I have two of these sets. Both are exactly the same, except one has all the pins stamped on the back of the box and the other doesn't have that, so the back of the box is black. There is also a version with 4 pins. (The Zagato-pin with the Ferrari FZ 93 is not in that set.)
It is remarkable to see a yellow Alfa SZ in this set, because it was originally never made in yellow. (picture2, picture3, picture4)
SZ-badge that you will normally find on the back of an SZ (Thanks Ed v/d Beek for selling me your last one!) Next to the badge is a Zagato keyring. Nice keyring and a must-have for the Zagato-fans. It sells for 9,95 € on Ebay.  
Alfa SZ maintenance guide.This one is in German. These (very thick!) books are reasonably rare and are not cheap. You can also buy good copies though, but an SZ-collector wants a real one of course. Keep an eye out on Ebay and they will come up sometimes. I have made some extra copies for myself, because I don't want to use the original. (picture2)  
Some very cool SZ modelcars! I don't have many yet, because they are very hard to find. The yellow one is the best I have and that one is from MakeUp LSJ (Looksmart Japan) in 1/43. I really want a red one, but they were sold out sadly... The small ones are all from matchbox, there are many different versions and in all kinds of boxes. I have enough red ones now :-), but I still want a green one and in Australia is a blue one made for a football-team or something. The two bigger (1/43) red ones are from SMTS Voiturette. Both are factory made, but one is without box. (picture2) Here is a picture I received of the blue Matchbox SZ : (picture3)  
Some very cool SZ/Zagato adverts from car-magazines. The two-page Alfa 75/SZ ad is my favorite!(picture2) The Pennzoil-ad is a little strange because Alfa didn't use Pennzoil for the SZ's as far as I know. (picture3)  
The standard SZ-brochure. It comes in English, Italian, German and French and I have all languages and some doubles. There also seems to be a Spanish version, but I have never seen that one so I don't know for sure. These brochures are 30 pages and are very nice. They are not very rare and are very often for sale on Ebay etc. and still for reasonable prices. (around 30 euros)  
The rarest SZ-brochure! This is the earliest SZ-brochure. At this time the car still was called ES30! Only special selected Alfa Romeo dealers had this brochure so they could show possible buyers some pictures and information. The customers didn't get this brochure, because the dealers only had one or two of these! So very rare and not easy to find. The brochure has a black linen cover and contains 3 white brochures. I have two of these brochures, but one of them is incomplete (only 2 white brochures). (picture2)  
Another very rare SZ-brochure. This is the follow-up of the linen ES30-brochure. This one is later though and has the SZ-logo on the front. It contains 6 black brochures, so it is packed with SZ information! Very nice brochure, but also not very easy to find. It comes in different languages, and mine are (I also have two of these :-) ) in German. (picture2)  
Alfa RZ-brochure (Press-package). I focus my collection on SZ and Zagato-things, but there is a very close relation between the RZ and SZ so I have some RZ-things too. This is very nice RZ press-pack with some information, nice big drawings, pictures etc. These are rarer than the 'normal' (not linen) SZ-press packages. (picture2)  
Another Alfa RZ-brochure/leaflet. This is a smaller 4 page RZ-brochure, but also very nice. (picture2)  
The Alfa SZ press-package. This one is less rare than the linen brochures, but also very nice! It has detailed information about the cars and it contains some very nice pictures! (picture2, picture3)  
Another Zagato brochure (Zagato production 1990). It features the SZ, so a must-have for me. Nice brochure and it also features the Zagato Stelvio prototype and the Aston Martin. (picture2)  
Alfa SZ microfiche. This sheet of microfiches has detailed information about different parts of the Alfa SZ. It comes from an SZ-dealer. They used microfiches in the early nineties.  
A set of two great Zagato books. Complete history and also some information and nice pictures of the SZ. These books are still available in book-shops and especially the blue one (1990-2000) can be found for very little money on Ebay etc.  
Another Zagato brochure. Couple of pages of Zagato information, including the Lancia Hyena and the RZ.
Did you know that the Hyena has the same windscreen as the SZ?
In january of 1991 there was an exhibition at the Design Museum in London "Alfa Romeo - Sport through Design". All great Alfa's where there including the Tipo 33 Stradale (one of the prettiest cars even made!) and of course the latest Alfa Romeo supercar; the SZ. For the exhibition a nice brochure was made. These brochures are available for about 5€ on Ebay, so I bought one. (picture2)  
The "Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ and TZ"-book by Marcello Minerbi. Great book, with some never seen pictures of the old Alfa Zagato cars. Very collectible book and quite rare.  
This is an unofficial Zagato-book I bought on Ebay. The book consists of a collection of car-magazine articles. The quality isn't very good, but the stories are great! And there are some SZ-articles in it!  
Alfa SZ and 164QV "Technische schulung". This is a document that was used on a technical school or something and shows some technical drawings and information of the SZ and 164QV.  
Another cool SZ-modelcar! It is a Provence Moulage SZ Trophy car (in 1/43) with #65 in the Shell colourscheme. It is very rare and I really like it!! (picture2, picture3, picture4)  
I found a very rare item on Ebay recently. It is a "Certificato di Collaudo" that came with every car. It is a certificate that has the same number as the car. I have it for my own car (#042) of course but now also the one from SZ #233. Here are some pictures. It is a really nice leather bound item and a cool addition to my SZ collection!
Now I have two of these I can compare them and there are some small differences! The stamped in logo's are much better on my own and the later one uses different (thinner) stitching. On the earlier one the corners are more rounded. I also noticed that the autographs are nicer in mine, because they only had signed 42 of these things I think. After a couple of hundred you will be less tidy probably. :-)
#233 : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8)
#042 : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6, picture7, picture8)
Together with the Certifcato di Collaudo I got a very nice framed SZ-poster. It is a cut-out on thick paper in a very nice Nielsen-frame. Sadly the glass is broken, but I will fix that a.s.a.p. It isn't big (23x43cm's), but very nice quality.
(picture2) Here it is, repaired and on my wall : picture3
Last week I bought a very strange (but cool :-) Alfa ES30 item! A set of cigar bands!! :-) Look at the pictures. It is a set of 5 cigar bands (different colors) with a small image of an Alfa SZ. (picture2)