From an SZ-friend in Switzerland I received these pictures of a crashed Alfa SZ. I do not know the number of the car, but it is in the Netherlands. I hope it is waiting for its repair, but it is missing some very rare and expensive parts because of the crash. Thanks for the pictures Sepp!! Some more here : (picture2, picture3, picture4, picture5, picture6)  


On I found these pictures from the Castagna Vittoria prototype! They were taken in Milan by Ruedi Aschwanden. The car was there 2 years ago but the current whereabouts are unknown. There is a link with the Borrani factory though, but that is uncertain too. If anybody knows where the car is now, I am very interested. The car was presented at the Geneva show in 1995 and had a hard life after that probably, as can be seen by the current condition! The car has some dents. One mirror is missing and has been replaced with a (different) red one. It also seems that the rear window is missing! What happened to this special car?
As I said the pictures were made by Ruedi Aschwanden in 2006 and I could borrow them for my website. Respect the copyright ©!!! Here are three extra pictures of this very special car. (picture2, picture3, picture4 )

For the people who are wondering why the car is on my website : The Castagna Vittoria is a prototype built by Castagna based on an Alfa Romeo SZ! The Alfa SZ engine (210bhp) was tuned to 320bhp, but I would like to know how they did that, because that is a big power increase for such an engine.
Here is the car in better times :