My SZ was sold in 2013 to an enthusiast in Belgium.

My SZ-site will not be updated anymore.
Certain collectibles have been sold (like the Daum Crystal SZ and all three MakeUp LSJ's). I am keeping the other things.

In october of 2013 I bought a car that I wanted for years, a Ferrari 308 GTB. It is a rare QV (one of 748 built) from 1983 and I love it!

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  My SZ was sold on 13/7/1990 to its first happy owner (Mohamed Marouf) in Dusseldorf (Germany). A nice coincidence is that the car then also had 'DJ' in its numberplate (picture). After mister Marouf moved to the USA (about 9 years later) the car couldn't go with him, so the car was sold to Ed v/d Beek, who enjoyed it for many years. On the 14th of february 2004 I made a dream come true and bought the car from Ed.
So I am the third owner of SZ #042.
The rest of the story can be found in the 'My SZ' and 'Driving costs' sections.

Harry Hoving

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